Do you have what it takes?

are happy to accept applications for the 3rd Edition MISS BRONZE UK 2018-19 Pageant.

We highly recommend all Applicants should keep an eye on the mentioned steps below in order to complete the Registration Process for the Pageant. The pageant director will contact all applicants once application applications are received.

They will be given an up-to-date on every step needed through the competition from casting and finals. Communication will take place through contact details provided so please make sure your contact information is correct.

All Contestants Must Complete This Form In Order to Enter The Pageant.

1. You need to be aged no less than 17 and no more than 30 in June of The Year after you enter the pageant.

2. At least one of your parents, grandparents or great-grandparents must be from the country you represent. You will need to mention this country when writing about yourself. Only one contestant will be allowed to represent a country eg England, Scotland, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon and more.

3.If below 17 years of age,  You WILL need parental consent from your birth parents or Legal Guardian (proof may be requested) and You WILL need an adult aged over 21yrs to accompany you to all appointments.

4. Please submit four photos of yourself: with one, close-up and others either of t full-length or waist-up, and complete the profile form. Do your best to get good quality pictures with high resolution. These don’t need to be professionally done.

PLEASE TAKE  NOTE:  No height, Size or any physical attribute restrictions and no BIKINI.